Digital modes

DMR - Digital mode radios

Due to the commercial spread, walkie talkies in the digital environment are becoming cheaper and cheaper.

Therefore, many radio amateurs have become aware of the identical models MD-380 (Tytera) and RT-3 (Retrevis), which are currently traded between 80-100 euros.

Configuring the devices is for radio amateurs a whole new world. Reason for this is the commercial use not only for radio amateurs. The handling of it is correspondingly difficult. Unfortunately each manufacturer has his own software tool for maintaining the configuration. The nice thing about the distribution of cheap devices is that others can gather the necessary data and publish it as a file. In the best case you get such a file (CodePlug) and load it into the environment of the manufacturer, change the DMR-ID and save it into your own device.

Expanding the firmware to include amateur-specific features has been accomplished with the MD-380 / RT3 models and other similar devices. The experts have extended the menus with many options. The firmware can be written to the radio and replaces that of the manufacturer. This works reliably for a long time and can be recommended. The firmware is loaded with a tool provided by the "specialists".

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